Franchise Takoyaki dan Okonomiyaki

20 Mar 2016 02:28

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Takoyaki Dan Okonomiyaki

franchise Takoyaki dan waralaba okonomiyaki adalah makanan kaki lima khas jepang yang paling populer di negara asalnya, dan kini mulai dipopulerkan di indonesia. Selain cara pengolahannya yang mudah dan cepat, takoyaki juga merupakan jajanan yang mengenyangkan dan sehat. Isian didalam takoyaki bisa bermacam-macam tergantung selera konsumen mulai dari isi gurita, daging maupin isi keju dan bisa diisi dengan yang lainnya. Untuk harga jual takoyaki juga terbilang sangat murah, hanya dengan harga Rp.5.000 bisa mendapat 3 buah takoyaki yang besar. Jajanan khas jepang ini juga sangat diminati oleh semua kalangan, baik anak-anak sampai orang dewasa sangat suka dengan takoyaki jepang.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine is also a hit among Filipinos especially this ball shaped snack called Takoyaki balls which literally means “fried octopus balls”. It is a much-loved snack treat for it is a savory dumpling perfectly grilled in a special takoyaki pan. This traditional takoyaki balls are made up of flavoursome ingredients that includes diced baby octopus, some vegetables (mainly carrots and cabbage) with little tempura crumbs and green onions. These are all mixed together and formed into balls ready to be grilled. Its simple preparation, nippy way of cooking and yummy taste made it to be a popular quick bite among busy bees like you and me. Consequently, if you decide to engage in a food cart franchise, the takoyaki concept is a relatively interesting product to offer in the market.

Food Cart Franchise Fee

The Takoyaki Food Cart Franchise fee is P128,888.
Food Cart Franchise Inclusions

use of trade name and logo
use of business system
heavy duty equipment and utensils
six staff uniforms
free food tasting product worth P1,000
marketing collaterals (banner and menu tarpaulin, and banner stand)
comprehensive personnel training
opening assistance
operations assistance
notarized franchise contract
4 day on-site crew training
assistance of monitoring officer

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