Mount Rinjani Trekking Package

28 May 2016 15:10

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Adi Trekker have strong commitment to give you an excellent Mount Rinjani trekking services with best experience team. You will provided with a professional tour guides, friendly and helpful local porters, and good quality of trekking accommodation. Adi Trekker team consist of local people around Senaru and Sembalun which previously works as a farmer and hunter on Mount Rinjani with strong experience and knowledge about the culture and nature around mount Rinjani.

Because you are reading this page you are most likely planning to climb rinjani mountain, and you may have already booked a date for it. If so, congratulations! You are one step closer to achieving an incredible experience from the sacred and beautiful Mount Rinjani. Something that you will remember and be proud of for the rest of your life!

Adi Trekker ready to help you find the amazing adventure for a leisurely stroll or a more demanding mountain trekking and hiking adventure on Mount Rinjani. You can choose from the available Mount Rinjani trekking packages or consult with us for custom package to suit your individual needs and budget.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Information

Welcome to Rinjani Samalas Tour & Trekking website, offers Mount Rinjani Trekking information, tour and trek packages to Mount Rinjani Lombok with professional trek organizer, guide and porter Senaru. Focused on providing a safe and nurturing environment full of fun, adventure, and discovery who truly you are. See our clients recommend and reviews on Trip Advisor here

Tour and trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok is walking up to 50 km that encompass the entire route trekking on Gunung Rinjani, with more than 10 km descent and ascent, which is usually done in a few days.
Mount Rinjani Trekking can be done:

By using the services of a local Rinjani Trek organizer Sembalun or Senaru, which allows you to really enjoy the scenery, take lots of photos and walk with only carry a small backpack (day pack) that contains personal needs which weighs about 5 kg. Camping equipment, foods and drinks were all carried by porters.
Hike to Mount Rinjani can be completely alone (independent): You bring all the food and camping equipment itself. This option gives you more freedom to arrange follow desire, your ability and go where you like can be done whenever you want.

Full Rinjani, Mount Rinjani Trekking Package Information
Offers Mount Rinjani trek package, organizing and guiding to Mt. Rinjani with Mountain experienced guide and porter, good quality camping equipment, excellent foods and friendly service.

Have you ever climb Mount Rinjani ? Mount Rinjani or Gunung Samalas is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. Administratively the mountain is in the Regency of North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesian It rises to 3,726 meters, making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

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