Natural Spring Water

16 Sep 2015 14:12

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Our water is really natural spring water. As the very first step in finding a location for bottling, we search for the highest quality and most protected spring and aquifer sources. We then determine whether we can build a plant onsite.

We take great care to bring you pure, natural Highland Spring water straight from our source in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire. We’re proud of our water and especially proud to be the number one UK bottled water brand.

There are a few rules that bottled-water brands have to follow, however. In order to be called "spring water," according to the EPA, a product has to be either "collected at the point where water flows naturally to the earth's surface or from a borehole that taps into the underground source." Unlike the term "spring water," other terms like "glacier water" or "mountain water" aren't regulated and "may not indicate that the water is necessarily from a pristine area," according to the EPA.

Gleick found that only about 55 percent of bottled waters are actual spring water. The other 45 percent of brands is mostly treated tap water. Aquafina, PepsiCo's bottled water brand, and Dasani, which is Coke's, are from municipal sources.

For over 30 years we’ve been careful guardians of our land, keeping it clean and pure to preserve its protected organic status, so you can be sure that every drop you drink is just as nature intended. Put a spring in your step with Highland Spring.

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